• CMS Allied Bank WaterfallRain and Condensate Harvesting

    With sustainable design concerns becoming increasingly prevalent, CMS has stayed at the forefront of the related technologies. We design rainwater and AC condensate harvesting systems to utilize water that would otherwise be routed to sanitary and storm sewer systems, conserving domestic water usage and sewer loading. CMS calculates the estimated water savings per various site specific options which in turn gives the client budget flexibility.

  • CMS fountain consultants introductionGreen Equipment Choices

    We have participated in projects with natural water features that require minimal energy usage and no water treatment chemicals. CMS has also been involved in designs for wetlands and botanical gardens where natural filtration is necessary.

    We have always advised our clients on mechanical, electrical, and architectural design criteria that minimize energy and water usage and consolidates infrastructure. With the advent of affordable new technologies such as regenerative filters, solar pumps, powerful LED lighting fixtures and computerized control of variable speed pump drives, it is possible to significantly reduce the environmental impact of decorative water features. There are many other areas to explore with the client such as using water features as the primary cooling ponds for HVAC systems.

  • green imageSustainable Sites Initiative

    CMS has teamed up to join the Sustainable Sites Initiative Pilot Program. We look forward to providing input that will be used to revise the final rating system and update the technical reference manual. Additional information about the Pilot Program can be found here:

    Sustainable Site Credits:
    SS6.2: Improve Storm Water Quality

  • CMS fountain consultants introductionLEED Certification

    LEED certification is becoming a high priority for new projects. McGraw-Hill predicts over 25% of all new commercial & institutional construction starts will be LEED certified and 83% of commercial building executives will seek LEED certification for new projects by 2013.

    CMS is a USBGC member and has the expertise to facilitate LEED certification in relation to fountain and site design. Following are examples of LEED credits that can be pursued:

    Water Efficiency Credits:
    WE1.1: Water Efficient Landscape – reduce potable water usage by 50%.
    WE1.2: Water Efficient Landscape – eliminate potable water usage.